The Gmail API and What Your Small Business Can Do

Is your business heavily dependent on G Suite Gmail? Then It’s worth looking at the Gmail API for better business communications.

Simply defined, the Gmail API allows you to sync data and/or push data from your Gmail accounts with other applications. For example you can push all your Gmail users into a simple app that updates activity or unusual behavior. Or you can pull all email inboxes sender information into a central database or CRM applications.

Project Management software is obviously a common step email inundated business take to tame the tangled mess of their inboxes. But the Gmail API and a simple database, or even ported out to Google Sheets, offer an attractive alternative these days. First, cost is essentially negligible post set up within a G Suite environment. Second, there is less friction with 3rd party software integration. And last, employees work within familiar GSuite apps so another program isn’t required with contaminant maintenance and training costs.

Good first steps to researching the Gmail API for small business:

  1. Pulling and syncing inbound email sales leads
  2. Employee account monitoring (usage, volume)
  3. Integrating with CRM, accounting, and other 3rd party cloud services.

The Gmail API does require some upfront planning and development. But once running it can provide an effective tool to better manage and maintain Gmail for the long run.


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