Enrich Your Google Docs With Fillable Document

It’s easy to transform unique Google docs into repeatable templates that can be used again and again for different customers. Fillable Document from Jivrus Technologies is a Google Add-on that allows you to simply create form fields and add them to your Google Doc. Using standard Word or Doc templates with Fillable Document and you can create a wide variety of quotes, forms, invoices, and contracts within minutes. It’s a good way to track the sales process and still allow for personalized customer service.

Why not just use Google Sheets or Google Forms? Yes Google Sheets and Forms are the typical ways to produce document templates which require variable inputs. But Sheets don’t have as much flexibility as Docs do for integrating text, form fields, images, and customer specific content needed on an ad hoc basis. And forms require a separate program on top of content. Fillable Document for example would be a great choice for a sales staff driven company which has a lot of personalized messaging with customers.

Fillable Document comes in a Free and paid version ($60/user which allows unlimited doc and email generation.) The Add-on’s maker, Jivrus Technologies, is a Google Cloud Partner which means you can install with confidence. Install and authorization takes just a minute. Then when you open a new Google Doc, click the top Add-ons menu and drop down to Fillable Document > Start.

A new menu appears on the right side of your Doc and allows you to create and insert new form fields. Field options are the standard – text, number, date, etc. Once you create a new field simply click into the Doc where you want to insert the field then click the icon to the right of your field and your field has been added to the document:

Your document fields will look something like this:

Then when you want to see a live version of your document click the page icon in the Open Form dialog in the Add-on menu. You can also see a web app version as well as publish the form here.

Your live document will look like this:

But where do you want to store or send this data? In the Fillable Document menu click Settings to find the configuration settings for your form:

You can configure the form to push data to an existing Google Sheet or create one for the purpose. You can choose to store all completed form documents in a folder in a Google Drive folder. Additionally, you can send completed forms to an email address for project tracking purposes. And finally, you can set collaborators within the Filliable Document settings to add additional users to the form. (Only the document’s owner can add or edit collaborator status.)

Fillable Document can be used for a variety of sales functions, especially in businesses where personalized customer contact is needed while improving sales and transaction tracking. For example, a sales member can keep a variety of quote templates in Google Drive and personalize them as needed, which allows for personalized customer services on top of an easy method to track and manage the sales process.

Fillable Document is available from Jivrus Technologies.



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