GSuite Device Management To Ease “Bring Your Own Device” Pains

How does a growing small business manage the complexity that Bring Your Own Device brings to employee management. Device Management, included with Gsuite for Business, is one solution that is both powerful and simple, allowing even busy business owners to control and track employee devices that are used for work.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gsuite mobile management this is a good place to start:

The first and obvious benefit of Gsuite device management is that if an employee phone is lost or stolen you can remotely delete all work related Gsuite information from the device. Also you can lock screens, provide strong passwords. This is obviously a needed feature for business with compliance requirements such as health and medical who need to be stringent about private health information sharing.

Gsuite device management also allows you to organize employee mobile apps quickly and easily. And perhaps the biggest selling point for Gsuite device management is its ease of use. Adding, deleting, and monitoring employee devices is managed in the Gsuite admin via an intuitive, easy to learn dashboard.

Couple of issues if you are considering Gsuite device management

  1. Gsuite device management requires employees to download and app on iOS and android. And sometimes it will require a restart or in rare cases an uninstall/reinstall of the device management app to get the phone registered and running properly.
  2. Gsuite is advancing their mobile security features, but you still need to configure them properly. Default-On mobile management from Gsuite can be a powerful way to manage devices but again each company’s use case will require an assessment of Gsuite device management’s security settings.
  3. Consider segmenting your ‘device classes’ from the beginning. Device notifications for example you can turn on for some users but not for others.

Gsuite device management is a power tool that is included at no extra cost with the Gsuite for Business service. Google is currently rolling out new mobile management features that all small business using Gsuite should investigate.

For more information of Gsuite’s latest mobile security features:


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