Test Your Site on Mobile Lately?

Sometimes you actually have to turn off your phone’s wifi, open up Chrome and plugin your site’s URL and make sure everything is up to snuff. It happens more times than you think, that changes to the site’s design, even small, can knock the mobile view off kilter. Especially in areas of image rendering, simple header resizing, or font changes.

Google has a very nifty tool for mobile testing your site that is definitely worth the 2 or 3 minutes it takes to run the test. And no, it’s not a substitute for turning off your phone’s wifi and checking your site live. But the tool analyzes a wide range of mobile issue, provides you with a score, and offers to send complete results to your email.

Google site mobile tester

And these days let’s face it, it’s not enough that you have a decent looking presence on a phone, your site needs to look just as sharp and crisp in 5 inches as it does in 17 inches or more. Mobile responsive themes written for WordPress are more sophisticated than ever with granular configuration for each page for up to 4 different screen resolutions.

But yes, take the time to open up your site on your phone why don’t you? You might be surprised that your beautiful laptop loving site has grown a few blemishes on the small screen. Consider it par for the course in the blurring world of mobile and web apps. Your site can do a lot more on mobile than you think, and production grade tools exist to provide fine tune control of how your site gets rendered on multiple screen.


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