A Profitable Rabbit Hole: Spending Time With Google Trends

Think a perennial search term has a secret seasonal fluctuation? Want to see what day of the week people search ‘fix my widget’? Want to make sure your messages are reaching the type of searchers you want when they’re searching? Oh, then you want Google Trends.


It only takes a few minutes of noodling around your industry’s common searches that fruitful insights can be discovered. For example, you can search the last 5 years of a search term to see long term and seasonal search volume fluctuation. Or going the other way you can start reviewing searches week to week to see that Tuesday is the day, or Friday. And more importantly that Tuesday is Product A type search heavy and Friday is product B type search heavy.

What’s more it’s easy to get started with Google Trends, just start plugging in your top company keywords into the search bar


After you enter a keyword term you get a broad overview of search trends around this keyword. And here is where you can do more advanced filter searching. You can filter your results by geography, by time, by demo categories, and by type of search.

It won’t take long as you explore these different search filters to yield interesting feedback on some of your core industry and company keywords.

Also, check out Google Trends Correlate, which provides broader industry search trends, which can be especially helpful when considering offering new products, or just for some quick down and dirty industry market research:



Google Trends is an excellent free tool that allows small business owners access to sophisticated search volume numbers and trends.

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