Wring More Sales From Your Gmail Inbox

Email Extractor https://emailextract.pro/ is a cheap and powerful program to quickly scan and capture email addresses in your Gmail inbox. A free version is available but pretty much worthless as it only allows for 500 records return. But the paid version is affordably priced at $29 per user annually, and $299 unlimited users annually:

Email Address Extractor

The app uses both the Gmail and Gdrive API which means you’re not running any of your information through a 3rd party server. The app works directly in Google Sheets as an Add-on. It’s a simple search based interface to collect and organize your Gmail emails into a simple spreadsheet in Gdrive. This also makes for pretty fast search processing. But expect to wait a few minutes when extracting larger inboxes the first time.

The multiple search filtering functions are what really makes this app powerful:

Advanced search filters:

  1. Email Address Fields
  2. Gmail Fields
  3. Subject Line
  4. Body keyword/phrase search
  5. Advanced Search (Accepts standard advanced search operators, eg From:Paypal)

The subsequent search results will appear in a Google Sheet containing two sheets, all emails and a cleaned list of unique emails only.

For those looking for a new marketing list affordably, this program is well worth the investment.




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