WordPress Site Hacked? Local Chicago Company. 10 years WordPress

Get Right, Right Now!

Site hacked? Losing money by the hour? Sick of WordPress? We’ve been there! Don’t give up on WordPress yet.

We can help you:

  1. Identify the malware and source of malware (plugins, users, theme)
  2. Clean the malware on your site and get it back running quickly
  3. Move your site to a more secure, more powerful VPN server
  4. Install monitoring and notification tools
  5. Better manage customer information
  6. Secure your payment gateways

WordPress can scale as your business grows, but only if you take control and take charge of your server environment. Security starts at your server. Do you have ‘root’ access? Most hosting plans don’t allow it, but you need it if you are going to truly take WordPress to the next level for your business.

Get Unhacked Now, and Stay That Way

Don’t settle for a patchwork fix that doesn’t address the root of your problem, because you will get hacked again!

We will:

  • Audit your plugins
  • Monitor site DB usage
  • Take all WordPress site code offline and run complete malware scans
  • Audit user behavior

Local Chicago Company, 10 Years WordPress Experience

This is not the time to be dealing with people you can’t trust. Buildbuyer takes client data privacy very seriously. We handle all client site data securely and use only the most current diagnostic tools to ensure your site can truly be given a clean bill of health.

Get a Call Back Within An Hour

Buildbuyer has development support worldwide and we typically can respond to hacked WordPress site distress calls within an hour from 6 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time. (GMT -600.)

Leave Contact Info for Prompt Call Back: (312) 767-7803