The 6 Second YouTube Ad Solution

Local small and medium size business can profitably test YouTube video advertising with Trueview In-Stream options. Trueview In-Stream ads are not skipable, and if deployed effectively can provide solid lead generation with a highly configurable cost structure.

With local media fragmenting, and cable/satellite local advertising bandwidth as narrow as ever, TrueView In-Stream can be a profitable test to build on and extend current online marketing efforts.

YouTube’s bumper ads are quick in-between video ads (no more than 6 seconds) that cannot be skipped. A great Trueview In-Stream option for small to medium sized business looking to extend branding to locally targeted audiences. New office in the north suburbs, or on the far south side? YouTube’s bumper ads can finely target and more importantly find enough repeat eyeballs to make an impact on brand recognition.

Bumper ads, which are not skippable, must entertain, enlighten, or enliven. They work through repeat contact and are best for branding. In other words, don’t cram an offer, a logo, a tagline, and a smile in 6 seconds. Think music, consistency, and the Big Idea.

Demographically too, bumpers can work to push into new demographic groups. Trying to reach females 35-54 years old within the city of Chicago? Trueview’s bumper ads make this not only easily accomplished, but effectively so through consistent, repeated, and most importantly positive engagement.

Finally, bumpers make for robust and frequent feedback loops, from which advertisers can get enough parsed data back to make good ‘next step’ decisions.

Bumper Baby Steps

YouTube’s Trueview ads can be bought in multiple formats with multiple configuration options. Where traditional video advertising media outlets have become more and more scarce for local advertisers, YouTube provides a way for local to make an impact with commercials in an environment where costs and testing can be closely monitored.

YouTube’s Bumper ads offer a good way for local business to dip a toe into the YouTube ad space. If advertisers take a brand first approach, they can get low cost good brand advertising. Think bumpers as a good test for turbo charging a new product or location campaign.

In the beginning commercials were 60 seconds. Then 30 seconds; then 15 seconds, and now yes it is time to halve it one more. Local dvertisers can do a lot in 6 seconds over time. In fact, short format bumpers provide both media outlets and advertisers with positive engagement to highly configurable targets.

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