Google Add-ons: Where To Start For Small Business

Michaes Subramanian helms Jivrus Technologies, an up and coming Google Partner development company and publisher of several popular Google Add-ons. He took a minute to discuss how Small Business on G Suite can productively explore the benefits of using Google Add-ons.

For a small business first approaching Google Add-ons, what types of Add-ons should they look at first?

Invoicing is one example of how Google Add-ons can help save time and labor for a small business. Creating forms and managing the day to day business communications is also an area where Add-ons are worth investigating. Add-ons work well with task management, building quotations, proposals, and estimates, as well as 3rd party integrations like analytics data, email marketing, and productivity apps like

How do Add-ons work within the Gsuite domain backend? Can Add-ons from 3rd party providers be automatically updated? Can Add-ons be turned on/off for some users or organizations within the domain?

G Suite add-ons are written in Google Apps Script, Javascript, HTML, CSS and runs on G Suite platform. There are auto updates as new releases are made. No need to re-install. Yes, the domain admin has full control over the Add-ons.

How to make sure your Add-ons are secure when working with sensitive files, or files that are bound by compliance regulations?

Google makes it very transparent what permissions are required for each Add-on. So it’s pretty straightforward to review the permissions required to see if it fits within your industry’s compliance regulations. Also, make sure to accept only the trusted developers. As with any developer make sure the Add-on is still being updated, and that support services are available from the developer if needed.

Last Thoughts on Add-ons for small business owners?

Small and medium sized business can implement Google-Addons to improve efficiencies at a very low price. Add-ons function securely within your company’s G Suite domain. Additionally, your G Suite administrator has full access to configuration and permissions.  I am very bullish on the Google Add-ons market and believe it will flourish in the next 1 to 2 years.

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