Get A Quick and Easy Job Posting Template

Sometimes the right words just don’t come to the surface, especially when tasked with creating a job post. Google Hire, the company’s recruiting SaaS offering, has provided a template for posting a new job along with the typical sections that comprise a job posting. The template basically breaks down 4 primary categories of an effective job post

  1. Explain the core purpose of your company
  2. Outline the high-level daily functions of the position
  3. Detail the day-to-day job duties associated with the role
  4. Explain the qualifications or job requirements

Your job title requires some thought, use these tips:

Job titles are important, very important. Consider these two tips for writing great job titles:

  1. Avoid company jargon or acronyms
  2. Choose a job title that your top candidates would search for

Find the full blog post with link to Google Doc template.


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