2021 Case Study: Manufacturing Digital Success

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New Growth, New Challenges

Our manufacturing client wanted to seize the moment and capitalize on several new high-profile customers, as well as upgrade their legacy data management and analytics capabilities. Construction, fence, athletic, and events – these industry segments were potential growth drivers, but existing systems weren’t keeping up with internal growth and was causing continual customer frustration.

Cloud Project Scope

  • Wrangling and securing data from legacy silos. Cleaning, organizing, and securing company data. Build reporting infrastructure. Find funnel pain points and create solutions on top of apps employees already use.
  • Building a custom data warehouse to enrich current sales budgets with historical sales and advertising data. Find actionable BI from data warehouse. Update tracking & analytics to discover true conversion value.
  • Executing an audit of marketing, PR, and advertising budgets. Build marketing AI with historical sales and campaign data. Launch new target test campaigns for better media planning.

Impact Campaigns

Using historical marketing data, we reconfigured a legacy search and email heavy lead process with an integrated PR, marketing, and advertising solution. Improved tracking and analytics allowed the focus to be on more conversions and conversion value per dollar.

5X Conversions Per Dollar Spent

Deploying smart retargeting with AI enriched audiences increased conversions and conversion value significantly

Focus On Conversion Value

70% increase in site quote submissions year over year by adding conversion value metrics to AI targeting enhanced campaigns.

Building A Competitive Advantage

Pulling data from legacy silos was the first challenge. Cleaning, organizing, and securing their company data was our second challenge. We used a cloud solution on top of G Suite and Google Cloud, which proviced both a secure data warehousing platform. Built to their exact needs, this new platform cut IT costs by over 30% year over year using cloud automation and data wrangling tools.

IT Costs Cut By Over A Third

Cloud adoption provided opportunities to cut time on data wrangling tasks, as well as eliminate proprietary software costs.

Affordable Enterprise Tools

AI and ML tools attached to their data sets improved both inbound marketing and new customer survey scores by over a 25%.

Data security + opportunity

Full Contact Business

Taking a holistic approach to all points of contact – PR, marketing, advertising, and sales – provides more leads at every contact point, organic and paid. Warehousing and processing historical sales & marketing data leverages more actionable BI. New visitor tracking tools and upgraded analytics provides managers with good current data to make better decisions.


increase year over year in organic search & Direct traffic





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